Wednesday, 8 February 2012

This old bod takes a day to catch up

The bats are flitting too and fro in front of the veranda where I am staying. Dusk brings them out, not one or two but a dozen at least, small charcoal grey fiends whipping past in every direction. Some might recoil in terror, but not me… ROCK ON! I say, eat as many of those blood sucking flying insects as you possibly can.

Hmm... remember I said this was shaping up to be a challenging trip? The two hour delay for the flight to Tarapoto became three, and again there was no airport pickup because reservations mixed up the date of my arrival. I was three days early? Noooo I say, fully confident because I only checked my dates thrice. Happily this is the rainy season and they had a room anyways. Checked my email to them. I was right.

I have previously waxed poetic about this hostal, “La Patarashca”, not only because it has a down home charm to it but because the owners have welcomed me into their fold as a friend. Each year I am amazed at the back breaking work that has been done, chiefly by El Senior, Cesar. This year is no exception with a two story 8 room addition since last year. Kudos.

I was not in the mood for dinner, although I did make a dash down to the market for water and a bottle of drinkable yogurt. My usual “watering hole” (a bottle a day habit, ha ha) was not open, which was unusual. Run by a lovely elderly couple, I am hoping all is well with them. Checked out the cable tv offerings. Still crappy in the English channel department. This morphed into an early bedtime and a surprisingly crisp night.

I remember reading about some weather phenomenon that brings cold air into the valley but have not experienced it before. I actually had to get up, turn the fan off and put some jammies on. This was a departure from the usual naked swelter.

My handy dandy little digital timer was set but not needed, as I awoke early. One lovely warm shower later and I scooted out for a quick breakie. Opted for scrambled eggs… might as well try and eat well no?

Hugs and welcomes from Cesar, and then I was back in my room as the temperature started to climb. A day spent napping under the fan to let my body catch up to the altered area code, interrupted only by my vain attempts to get my computer to work.

One day in and the stupid thing starts acting up. Perfect.

After a lovely dinner (a la dente vegetables and boiled potatoes, smothered with a heart of palm sauce, both healthy and yummy), I ran into a young couple I had the pleasure of spending time with on one of my previous trips. They have added their first mini unit to their family, Micael (spelling uncertain). We chatted about babies, the changes for them over the past year… the collapse of the Sacha Inchic (a jungle nut with astounding health benefits) market, their graphic arts endeavours, and the very exciting news that they are about to finish construction of their first ecco lodge. Which lead to discussions around developing tours… making contacts… doing business…

Interest is piqued.

But tomorrow is another day for scheming and dreaming.

And catching up with more friends.

And getting a new Sharpie because mine is out of ink already from making flash cards. My hopes of learning Spanish live on, although twixt you and me it would seem my broken recall button stymies my efforts. (or my brain has turned to mush, take your pick)

Now if they could just do something about the sugar ants… I have all my toiletries etc. tightly sealed in ziploc freezer bags and yet still they come.

Onwards and upwards, I’ll keep you posted as to what kind of trouble I find next.

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