Monday, 23 January 2017

Friends and Babies

Slipping easily into my Toronto identity I am roaming from home to home, and as usual I wonder why I don’t live here close friends, family and my Abbey Rose. 

Friday night was a big, loud and raucous Israeli Shabbat Dinner.  I love the traditions: the lighting of candles ushering in the Sabbath, the blessings over the wine, and the blessing of thanks for Challah, which is a sweet bread baked specifically for Shabbat.  Chattering or bickering friends and kids, both grown and young, with frequent co-conversations going on at the same time. It is so wonderful, the sharing of memories, the feeling of closeness and the joy of just sitting back watching the interactions.  A nice surprise was seeing my friends Eldest, who now lives in Israel but was in town for a visit. 

And the food.  Wonderful Middle Eastern cooking, spicy and plentiful.  I do miss this weekly gathering. 

I am sure you need not be regaled with tales of Grandbaby craziness.  Suffice it to say that my Rosebud is just about the cutest, happiest baby on the planet and I am getting lots Grandma time in.

So far the weather has been mild enough to produce heavy evening fog, but the roads are ice and snow free.  An unseasonably warm pause in a usually severe winter climate,  I thought I would be hesitating to leave the house, but the pleasant weather has me visiting here and there.

Did my last minute shopping, picking up the various items I could not throw together before I departed Comox.  Tomorrow I will face the task of trying to get everything in my small duffle.  I am trying to keep it light because I am planning to move around, and weak old lady that I am I can’t lift a large duffle or backpack anymore. 

Tonight and tomorrow I will be visiting with friends, with a Wednesday morning departure to Bogota. 

Let the fun begin!

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