Monday, 29 December 2008

d-day is closing in

Just under 3 weeks until departure day, and still so much to do.

Once again I am having fun with rashes, fever and tummy trouble related to pre-departure inoculations.  Rabies this time, as it turns out the area to which I am headed experienced an outbreak last year related to vampire bats...

In my readings about the area I am planning to visit, The Sacred Valley, I learned that the local aboriginal translation of the area is "valley of the spiders".  PERFECT.  Spiders and Linda do not usually co-exist well.   Another f*cking opportunity for personal growth, as someone once said to me.  I am considering this as my time to overcome a lifelong fear of spiders and mosquitoes.  It is all in the attitude, no?   I will keep you in the loop.

Whatever.   I am quite sure it is all overkill on my part, but better safe than sorry.

It has been a good holiday season; Amy is home and there has been plenty of food and family. It has been a really good/fun week, weather not withstanding.

The coming week brings work, shopping and more travel planning.   Nothing too much to rant about.  I hear we have plenty of rain on the way, which will be a nice change from all the snow we have been blessed with the past couple of weeks.   I am quite happy with my decision to put snow tires on the car this year, and the chains I bought thinking I might be needing on my travels over the mountains to visit mom came in handy for bopping around town. :)

I am off to dreamland, as another tomorrow brings another shift at spiffy red shirt-land.


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