Saturday, 30 May 2009

Amazonia Expeditions... paddle, paddle, pee

Time to return to the main lodge.  The usual reliable transportation and smooth introduction to my digs.  

Heading out for the rest of the day through a swampy area and a small lake. After several hours of hacking our way through thick shrubs and trees for a long time, and lots of deaf ends and turn arounds it was losing its' charm.  Too much cutting through.  We finally reached our destination, an observation platform raft in the midst of a  watery, vegetation filled bird viewing area.  I fall on the peanut butter and jelly lunch, I am famished.  It is tasty and feels fun to eat something simple.  

The mosquitoes are thick, and there is no breeze to keep them away so we depart the raft.  But first I must ask the boys to hop in the boat and paddle around some bushes because I am in a desperate need of a pee.  

I look around.  Where the hell to I pee?  Holding on to the railing with one hand, bare butt hanging over the edge of the raft, with my other hand frantically trying to keep the mosquitoes from sinking their snouts into such a lily white, juicy and fully un - deeted target.  

Yep.  Attack of the killer mosquitoes meets exposed bum.  Who do you think won?

The boys dutifully return and we head off to an area known to be frequented by the Huatson Bird.  A cool looking prehistoric dude.  Unfortunately I couldn't get a good picture. 

Our afternoon paddle saw us gliding past the zip line canopy platform.  Still no.  I think there is a bigger, meaner breed of mosquito in this area.  They are aggressive and no getting away from them.  This is a dark area of the reserve... the tall, full canopy trees allow little light to penetrate to the water.  

Almost lose Gerlo overboard... again.  What a laugh we have.  

The monkeys can be heard overhead, but keep hidden.  Too bad.

My time in this mystical place is growing closed.

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