Thursday, 20 January 2011

Wednesday was recovery day... slept late, puttered till late afternoon and then headed north of the city to start the friend circuit. Traffic seems way easier, which is probably a nice side effect of there being so many people out of work here. The recession obviously continues to hit Toronto hard. Boarded up storefronts, and noticeably fewer shopping mall patrons.

Sale signs abound.

Have managed to have great visits with good friends, and am spending a couple of nights sleeping in Richmond hill, the area with the greatest concentration of said friends. Have not managed to connect with my Aunt yet, but tomorrow will bring another try,

It will also bring a visit to the art gallary, and then packing for a much anticipated week in the Dominican Republic with my Amy. Bring on the cocktails and mother/daughter bonding time.
Sun, surf, dancing and stargazing are some of the planned activities. AND I brought a bathing suit with me this trip! Meant to be.

It is snowing tonight, and the roads are scary... slip-sliding, can't stop kind of scary. Cold is eating away at me. Will do a serious departure day rethink.... Must head south ASAP. I bow in appreciation to the maker of the high efficiency forced air gas furnace.

Hope all is going well at home

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