Monday, 21 January 2013

Laid back is sooo uneventful...

Day three of a so far laid back catch up in Chacha.  That’s the local nickname for Chachapoyas in case you were wondering.

My days have consisted of sleeping in (as much as you can above the noise of the hostal), veggie omelets , organic coffee, meandering around the streets and market and visits with Janet, Carlos and Eduardo.   There has been glorious, baking hot sunshine, intermixed with rains torrential enough to turn the hostals’ courtyard into a wading pool… all normal here.

It has been nice seeing Janet, being introduced to her new baby Mateu and seeing their new house now that the kitchen is in and the furniture placed.  Their first home.  Looks good on them… they work hard.

Must be the granny gene but I am having delightful fun playing with the baby, who is smiley and good-natured.   Daniel is as quiet as ever and he gifted me with a hug when he said hello. 

There are signs of building everywhere, and there is land being cleared for a subdivision near their home.  I walk the property nearby that if all goes well will be mine by Tuesday.  It is much larger than I thought, and I realize what a good deal I got.  It is an unusual shape and will require a lot of thought as far as building is concerned.  I will need to put a fence this year and take some time to decide what comes next.  A topographical map would be good I think. 

Dinners have been hit and miss, with one outstandingly bad dish at a former favourite restaurant.  The no wheat thing is hard,  with bread being one of THE staples here.  Rice and potatoes will no doubt fill in and keep me filled out. 

Next on my hit list is a visit to friends Donna and Jose, who were out of town when I first went to see them.  This I found as I was on my way and from the back of a passing motorcycle I heard an enthusiastic voice shout out LEENDA!  Donnas niece Sandra was on her way to English School and hopped off the bike to give me a warm hug.  She is such a sweetie. 

Things seem to be looking up for people here, with real estate opportunities, tourism growth and plans for retail development.  Jose is opening his second hostal next month and Janet is thinking of opening a shop for travel and trekking gear.  It might not stay a sleepy little town much longer.

The unorthadox checkpoints are a sign that unwelcome elements are also on their way.  Janet says there have been banditos preying on night time travelers between here and Tarapoto, so I guess I can consider myself lucky that my, er, “encounters” were of the polite variety.

I have been enjoying tea in the evenings thanks to the kettle I purchased in Lima.  Nicer than just plain water, and I even am in possession of a nice set of four mugs from the local one size fits all store.


In a laid back town such as this, and given that I basically have nothing to take care of, time slips bye easily.  So easily that I have now lost track of how long I have been here. 

I spent the better part of a day with Eduardo touring his now almost complete home with the killer view, and lunched with Janet & Carlos at their house.  Watched the Sunday changing of the guard in the plaza yesterday, and was quite surprised how many shops are now opening on Sundays.  First year I was here the place was shut up tight. 

Had a vice visit with Donna, and Jose proudly showed me their new hostal.  Nice guy.  Good plan.  Going places.

Watched the tadpoles swim around in the ditch.  Thought about how to use cow poop in a compost mix for a garden.  You know… world changing kind of activities. 

And speaking of going places, I sure do wish the young French couple and their baby would leave.  Crotchety I am.  Up and crying at 7am, guitar playing at 8:30, smoking all day long, and still making music, talking and baby noises at almost 9pm.  Three days running now and I am not amused.  The courtyard has an amplifying effect and there is just no getting away from them.  If they stay much longer I might just relocate. 

This will be my last year here at the hostal in any event and I will mostly miss it.  It has generally been nice to watch the guests come and go, and hear their reactions to the various tours they take etc.  The hot showers have been wonderful this year, and a nice change.  Time to move on though…

After several beautifully warm sunny days, today it has poured on and off all day, and thanks to a message from my sister I hear we are in for a deluge.  (yes, weather forecasting for Peru from Kelowna.  Somehow I believe her.  Sure hope the roads hold up.

A visit with the notary today has papers being drawn up to take possession of my land.  Arrangements are being made to fence the perimeter.  It looks like I did the negotiating at the right time as at todays’ prices it would cost me triple.  I’ll have to deal with the Peruvian tax authorities one day down the road but for now all is good.

According to Eduardo I will need a garage.  Ain’t that putting the cart before the horse, so to speak.

And that brings us to the challenge of keeping up a blog when life is so uneventful.  Will have to do something, or something.

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