Friday, 17 January 2014

Get up and go day.

Today was a get up and go day.  Glad I could get out of bed.

Having extended my stay in Lima thanks to so many down days, I had put off a few “must do’s” that had to happen on a weekday.  .

I need to go to the DIGEMIN office to get “permission to sign contracts” from the government.  Last years experience taught me pay the fee at the bank before heading downtown.

So first up was a visit to the Banco del La Nacion.  There was a huge snaking line of people waiting to get into the bank.  I tried looking at all the signs posted on the tall black iron gate outside, but saw no clue as to whether I needed to join these other 100 or so souls, shifting from foot to foot and fanning themselves with their paperwork. 

I spy a security guard controlling traffic into the building and bravely wormed my way over to his post, showed him my paperwork, and in halting bastardised Spanish asked him if I needed to join the line.  A few false interpretive starts, and then to my delight he put me in an alternate line that had a mere dozen people in front of me.  Sweet. 

A very nice (and patient) teller eventually understood what I wanted to do, and poof!, money exchanged, receipt issued and I was sneaking out a side gate to avoid passing all those people still shuffling and fanning outside.

A hot humid few blocks down the road (the one that was choked with gas emitting, honking, wacko driven cars) was the office of Taca Airlines (Ahhh… air conditioning!), where I booked a flight to Trujillo for Sunday… for about the same cost of a bus ticket.  Why spend 10 hours in a bus when in an hour you can be there?)

A desperate need for a pee had me entering a Starbucks along my return route.  I dutifully bought a drink and snack, which satisfied the security person guarding access to the washroom.  They take their “patrons only” policy very seriously here.  And why wouldn’t they?  Their washrooms are what the Ritz is to a backpackers youth hostal.  Modern, clean, toilet seats and paper, soap and paper towel, and the toilets flush!  No doubt they have to hold back the hoards.

That was the end of the only spurt of energy I have had since arrival, so I weaved my way back to the hostal and crashed.  Woo-hoo the excitement of the day.

Thursday was a no go, walking in circles, confused and had not bounced back from yesterdays successful missions. 

That Leaves only Friday to complete my business before the offices closed for the weekend.

It will be an interesting day.

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