Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Still sleeping

Ah, exotic travel… The sun.  The culture.  The freedom.

I am still waiting.

Even when I don't start out at "exhausted", past years have shown me that me, myself and I are gifted with a few down days before the fun starts.  So far we are on schedule. 

Ah, desperately needed down time and sleep. 

Thank goodness for the Hostel “El Patio”, my oasis in the centre of this crowded, noisy city of 9 million Limeños.  I can look out the window into the fountain and plant filled courtyard.    Not much else is happening.

Snoozed through my ferry ride to Vancouver, had a lovely visit with my friend Martha and her daughter Rose.  My flights were uneventful and I mostly slept my way through them. 

I will say that the Toronto Pearson Airport showed signs of the recent ice storms and bad weather the city has experienced.  Thick sheets of ice sat between the runways, and it looked like they had not managed to clear all the tarmac.  Thankfully the weather was good and there were no flight delays. 

Sure is quite the trek between domestic and international gates though.  Luckily the flight from Vancouver was on time so there was no huge stressing about missing the connecting flight… minor stressing yes, but what is travel without it? 

Airline food and bathrooms.  Need I say more?

Immigration and customs were a breeze this year, airport pickup waiting, as were the front desk staff.  Nice room, little kitchenette, hot showers.  Sleep, sleep, sleep.

Must remember:  keep mouth closed while showering, use bottled water to brush my teeth, and used toilet paper goes in the waste basket beside the toilet.

So no great blogging still.

Now I am taking myself and my crazy swollen ankles back to bed for... wait for it… a good nights sleep!

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