Saturday, 17 January 2009

A comfortable old coat

Toronto feels just like a comfortable old coat, or that was the thought that floated up as I was traveling along the 401 after arriving at the airport.  So familiar and easy to assume.

But I am ahead of myself.

After driving me to the Comox Airport, Christina, (who is caring for my pups while I roam) gifted me with her wish that I find my journey "unexpectedly easy".

When the runway was closed due to fog I thought "oh oh".  Enter a shuttle that quickly whisked us to Campbell River where the skies were clear.  Easy.

When the fog at the Vancouver Airport was closing in and threatening our landing, our two very personable and capable navigators put us down perfectly.  Easy. (Ladies, they were not at all hard on the eyes either)

Even though I arrived very late in Vancouver, Central Mountain Air had taken it upon themselves to notify all our connecting flights, and we literally walked from one gate to our flights waiting at the next gates.  Easy.

My new super-dooper travel ear plugs were cool... didn't feel the altitude pressure changes at all.  And I got the WHOLE can of ginger-ail for my beverage! (It takes so little to please me, no?)

I did end up waiting almost three hours for my luggage.  Although it was in fact ABSOLUTELY NOT LOST, apparently it chose to take a different flight than me?   This gave Amy and I a chance to have some tea, wander a bit and chat.  Easy again, see?

What I am gleaning is that although problems will be arising, they will be unexpectedly easy to have solved. Or that's my take so far!

Ah Toronto, -25 Degrees Celsius.  Bone chilling, teeth grinding, eye watering, breath stealing, painful, frigid, COLD.  I had a very shortened day of shopping downtown, while Amy had quite a giggle at my expense as I shuffled around cursing and whining while we moved from store to store along King and Queen Street.  It was as rude a reminder of the worst of the weather Toronto can dish up, as was the breadth of retail offering a reminder of the seductive nature of abundance Toronto can tempt with.

By the time we got back on the subway to head north to pick up the car I was experiencing a personal version of the perfect storm; Side effects of my last rabies shot, jet lag, and lack of sleep.  I managed to stay upright through the grocery shopping, but when I got back to my room I made like a large tree felled by a logger. TIMBER...

Had a lovely dinner with a group made up of some of the best friends a gal could ask for, which brings us back to the comfortable old coat.

I am astounded by how quickly it feels like I never stopped wearing it.

Nighty-night time now.


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