Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Fuzzy Wuzzies have come home to roost

If it is Tuesday, then it must be Cusco...  I am not sure if it is the altitude, jet lag or the copious amounts of coca leaf tea, but I feel like I am doing things through a fog. Quite interesting really.

So what to tell you about my journey here?  Did you know that the de-icing fluid they use at Toronto Pearson airport is Lime Green?   Sticks in my mind for some reason... although the R2D2 type unit they used to spray it was pretty cool too.

A very nice lady at Air Canada had switched my seat to a row with no other occupants.  Was just about first class;  put my feet up, had my choice of an array of entertainment options, real food, and everything.  Blankets, mask, earbuds... pillows too.  Very unexpected.   Easy even.

Canada customs could learn a thing or two about efficiency from their Peruvian counterparts. They had 15 agents working and cleared out our planeload in less than 10 minutes.  Didn't have to wait 3 hours for my bags either.

I was met and whisked away to overnight in a hotel/hostel.  The drivers are certifiable, but they obviously have a unique appreciation for music because the air was filled with the varied tones of horn honking. The hotel was basic (read I slept in my clothes on top of the covers) but friendly.

A short, uneventful flight to Cusco concluded when I was met and again taken to my lodgings.  It was very pretty on the approach to the city, with all the buildings being small and covered with red tile roofs. It didn't look quite like the scar on the landscape that big cities usually do.

So I have checked in with the school, found my lodgings, had my first meal and am now ready to make like that tree I talked about in my last post and CRASH.

Nighty night.


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