Thursday, 22 January 2009

Should have brought more woolies

Day one of Spanish lessons started with just the basics such as numbers, alphabet, beginners questions etc.

Today I am finally feeling human again after a run in with "soroche", or altitude sickness.  No more headache or vomiting.  That was fun.  NOT.  I still gasp for breath after a few minutes of exertion, but did manage to walk to the main square.  Note to self: next time stop for a few days rest at a lower altitude!

So far I can tell you that the streets and passageways are all cobbled and inset with stone designs.  Very pretty really.  That I have taken such notice is quite simple... one foot in front of the other, go on, up the hill, gasp, keep going, gasp.... Get the picture?  I am not at all sure I will be acclimatized enough to do my trek starting Sunday, but my fingers are crossed.

Nights have been very, very cold here. It reminds me of winter in Jerusalem, with thick walled stone buildings and no heat.   I have 3 very thick alpaca blankets, and really, really wish I had brought more sweaters.  I am quite certain that the sleeping bag I brought will do diddly squat to keep me warm while I camp.  I have been assured that I will be able to rent a warmer bag, along with trekking poles and extra sleeping mats.  Now all I need is more woolly underwear and I should be set. That is provided I can breath properly by then...

Can´t tell you much about the food yet, other than I managed to keep some of it down yesterday. Pasta with pesto sauce... very Peruvian no?  Breakfasts and Lunches are provided as part of my lodgings, and so far I have not ventured out to find dinner.   I hear that there is good pizza, chinese and israeli cuisine to be had.   Really.

Tomorrow I am going on a general tour of the city to get my bearings, and then will feel comfortable bopping around.  People are friendly, my bank card works and I have homework to do.


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