Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Stuck in the middle again

Snow, snow, snow... oh the joys. With wind, without. Frigid or simply damn cold. God bless every hearty soul that can endure a Canadian winter.

I have had the privilege of joining these quasi pioneers on the streets of Toronto for the past little while, and I can tell you with all honesty that I have had my fill. Two snowstorms and at least as many cold weather advisories later I find myself being led down the streets by my darling daughters, huddled against the elements. There is a certain position that is assumed during extreme winter weather... arms crossed, shoulders hunched forward, chin tucked in, with a very concentrated forward focused demeanor; ie: get me the hell out of this weather and into a warm environment.

For most Torontonians this means either a) work, b) home or c) the mall. I can't find the 8 hours a day relief at work here, and home is relative given that I have been bouncing between the homes of my friends and my daughter.

That leaves option c)... the mall. A shopping Mecca experience really. Floor after floor, and boutique after boutique, all selling the most wonderful variety of consumer goods. Spent over an hour wandering through the fine china department of the Bay's flagship store on Yonge street. Sigh. Like perusing the loveliest of museum exhibits.

And the shoes. Practically orgasmic.

However I remind myself that my life choices have been quite different, and I believe I am richer for them. There are more than enough beautifully decked out designer city women making their way around this town. I bow out of the competition gracefully. Will leave the plastic surgeons to them too.

Friend wise however, I will never relent. I have the bestest, most wonderful friends a girl could ask for here. Eclectic too. The discussions have run the gauntlet... kids, teeth, middle east peace and magic tricks. I have known most of these amazing women since my kids were babies and I treasure every one. They are the big slice of Ontario I miss when I head home to BC. It is so neat to see that their kids are now where I started out when I first moved to Ontario.

Would that I could pick them up and bring them with me when I return to the valley.

Anyway, anything deep and meaningful is still out of my writers grasp so I will share that tomorrow I will repack my bags, head for a final visit with a friend and then, hopefully, finally, will be rid of this city I once called home, and be Lima bound.

Reservations have been made for my flights back to Jungle light, and Chachapoyas awaits for my arrival sometime the week after. My fingers and toes are crossed in the hopes that I will see Peru this trip after all.

Midnight, and so Buenos Noches.


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