Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Finally... more photos

A quiet few days, spent visiting and shopping. My sandals decided to pack it in yesterday, so off I went on a futile search for a good pair of workhorse sandals. So I am the new owner of a pair of dainty little sandals, and my old ones are in for yet another fix... Would be nice to get in at least one more good hike before I leave on Friday.

Yes I have finally picked the exit date which allows me 3 days in Lima to see a museum or two, meet up with a couple of nice folks and shop. Then it will be on to TO on Tuesday. Too bad I don`t have my BOOTS. It will be a cold tootsie first day. Don`t have a winter coat either, come to think of it.

And now, for your viewing pleasure...

This photo on the right shows the main outer wall of the Kuelep fortress near Chachapoyas. This place is billed as the "Manchu Picchu" of northern Peru.

Below is a sample of the intricate stonework found in the Kuelep ruins.

Traversing the landslide area near Gocta Falls...

The funeral Karajia in the cliffs about an hour from Chachapoyas

Taking a break at the base of the cliff face, hiding from the intense sun.

Farming the old fashioned way.

The ghoulish sight of skulls rising from the mud in a cave used for religious and sacrificial ceremonies.

And my usual finish, a flower. This orchid was seen on the trail to Gocta Waterfall.

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