Thursday, 25 March 2010

Re-entry culture shock

The flight from Lima was an overnight haul that had the jet lag monster rearing its ugly head, despite the lack of time zone change. Then came two days of walking around in the twilight zone of combined disoriented tiredness and culture shock.

Times two. I picked my Amy up from the airport after her three month stint in a small native reserve in Northern Ontario, so she is going through her own version of culture shock.

The traffic and highways.

The malls.

The dizzying array of goods at Shoppers Drug Mart. That one was funny... we walked through the doors, stopped dead in our tracks, said "woh" in unison and turned to look at each other with faces reflecting horror.

Serious culture shock. It is now Friday and we spent yet another day sniping at one another as we tried to spend time together. Add on the "pressure" of all I want to do in my short time in TO, and I feel like hiding.

And it turned cold today. (well for me anyway... for Amy it was balmy) There I am huddled against the wind FREEZING, and all I could think about was wanting to be back in my hammock in the shade.

Replaced my hiking boots today. Yay.

Found out that someone hijacked my Visa card while I was away... many $ in gas charges. Fun.

I seem incapable of in depth thought at the moment, so will end this post before I ramble on, and on, and on, and on...


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