Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Bordom sets in...

I am pretty sure I have had enough of Cusco... about 2 weeks ahead of schedule.

There are only so many quaint, cobbled, hilly streets to walk, and many too many in your face buskers.  I went to two museums today.  One dedicated to Pre Incan art artifacts, which was interesting... although the english blurbs about each piece were WAY over the top.  Then there was the "archbishops art collection".  Should have known to skip that one, but alas I subjected myself to more gold filigree and images of the Inca being enlightened into the catholic church.


Apart from that there has been spanish lessons and searches for interesting tours to join.  Still not sure about the time/place of an amazon visit.  The campus in the sacred valley is open again, although my enthusiasm is waning.  We´ll see.

Lots of rain, a bit of sun, and what seems like (sometimes) a hundred partying twenty-somethings all around me.

Tomorrow I think I´ll brave the market for some strawberry jam to go with my bread in the morning.

Lunch time, and then classes.   Feels like time to move on...

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