Thursday, 12 February 2009

Fun and Frackus in Cusco

It is festival time in Cusco.

The locals have a thing about fireworks... they set them off by the dozen all through the day. Fun really, until they go off so close that you think you should dive under a table.   Marching bands do the rounds nightly, and the kids are getting their celebrating done too.  They are running around with water guns and are not really discriminating about who gets wet.  I have been warned about buckets of water flying, which is apparently part of the charm of the festivities, but so far I have been spared.

Believe me, there is enough water coming out of the sky to keep us drenched.  Buckets extra not needed.

Yesterday was interesting.  Some big demonstration in the main street/plaza.  Around a corner come trucks and police in full riot gear bounded out.  Crowd dispersed without incident and the police all hopped back into their trucks and roared off.  Not something I see every day.  Actually not something I have seen before period.

Most of the officers were very handsome... but young, alas.

I have just about nailed down my plans for the next few weeks, and will finalize them and let you know. In a couple of days.  That is how many the doctor has sent me back to bed for, with antibiotics. The microbe I thought was done with me decided to come back and bite me on the butt one more time.

So I am off to snooze and be bored.

Totally unrelated:  the finger puppet boy has decided he is my new best friend, and whenever I enter the plaza he appears by my side. Cute really.

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