Monday, 23 February 2009

Sleeper busses... Chiclayo attractions

Yesterday was a long day.

I went to Chiclayo, which is a city to the north of Trujillo, also on the coast.  It's big tourist draw is the Archaeological find known as The Lord of Sipan.  This was an unraided tomb found containing said Lord, huge amounts of ornamental items (gold and silver) as well as his attendants, animal sacrifices, wives etc.

Chiclayo is a 3 hour bus ride from Trujillo.  Each way . It turned out to be a 15 hour day.  We saw the original pyramids and toured a museum dedicated to the artifacts and history of the find.  I also toured a museum tracing the ceramics found in the area back some 5000 years.

We also wasted a lot of time driving around aimlessly, and my english tour again turned out to be spanish s o there was a lot of info lost in translation.

It rained. People seemed confused by the rain.

There were Turkey Vultures everywhere. This seemed to be appropriate given the amount of garbage piled up at the sides of the road.  Me thinks there is no weekly garbage pick up here.

Lots more sugarcane.  Many fields being burnt prior to harvest.  Little bits of burnt black sugarcane floating in the air all around us. Tidy rows of sugarcane in all growth phases, and the irrigation system can be seen clearly in the fields just planted.  Really Interesting.

Snowy White Egrets flying, picking at the planted fields, and grooming themselves in the sun.

Swollen rivers, families picnickingMosquitoes. Many fruit trees. A sugar factory.

Cars honking, motorized rickshaws, a huge, loud and crowded market.

I was ready for the sleeper bus to bring us home by the end of the day.  Seriously reclining, with foot rests.  And a movie.

Crackers and water all day.  Restaurants closed when we got home.

Today I am frustrated because Lan cancelled my flight this morning (it was raining) and so I will miss my connection to Iquitos.  I am now confirmed for the late night flight to Lima and will sit in the airport overnight in order to catch the first flight out to the Amazonian Jungle town of Iquitos at 5:00 am.

So now I have 10 hours, no plans, no hotel, and lots of luggage.  I am frustrated.


We plan, God laughs. and all that.

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