Sunday, 4 March 2012

puttering along

The music is playing in the main square through loud speakers again, so surely is must be Sunday?   The weekly flag raising formalities are about a half hour away and people are straggling into the area. 

Another week gone bye here in what I this year call “the land of the never ending rains…”  You would think I would feel right at home no?  I am cold.  Have been for weeks, barring the few brief times the sun has come out to tease. 

Not exactly the long awaited tropical break I was longing for. 

Sitting in Janet and Carlos’s office here in the hostal a couple of days ago when in flew a lovely, large, iridescent humming bird.  It hovered in the middle of the room for a few moments, shot out, and then zipped right back in as if to do a double take as it watched us.  A very lovely moment.

I accepted an invitation to visit with Dora and Jose a couple of days ago.  Dora was one of my “ladies” from last years English classes.  Very nice afternoon of coffee and catch up.  Jose played me a CD he had acquired talking about the search for undisturbed graves and ruins from the Chachapoyan era.  I found it fascinating, as it dealt with the  issue of grave robbing, village cultures, traditions and suspicions, the scientific examination process, and the DNA linking of the remains with present day villagers.  2000 years old and not in any way connected with the incan conquerors (and their mummies)  to come.  In fact they are now speculating that the incan practice of mummification may have actually been an offshoot of this early Chachapoyan practice.

More coffee and a light supper, and an invitation was accepted to lunch on Tuesday.

Have had lots of time to putter, plan and puzzle over my complete disinterest in writing this year.  Some mental block I suppose.  Or a touch of the blues… here’s hoping that is all it is.  Also had to deal with a case of the queezies yesterday, most likely something I ate at the restaurant in the morning.

In the garden the roses are just finishing up their blooms, the hibiscus continues to flower and the calla lilies are just setting up their show.  More evidence that time is passing. 

I am not sure that there is going to be a next year here, unless I can figure out something to do to keep me busy and my interest piqued.  I await inspiration. 

Because of my queezies yesterday I felt it prudent to pass up an invitation to join Carlos and his family on a visit to Gocta waterfalls, which annoys me because it was to the middle platform of the falls, something I have wanted to do for the past two years.  I am hoping another opportunity presents itself before I head home.  

It is cloudy, cold and threatening rain so I have my doubts about a long and winding walk today.  Tomorrow brings the charms of my small group of preschoolers.  Might finally buy my bus ticket to the coast as well.  

As I said earlier, I await inspiration.

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