Monday, 12 March 2012

sunshine and travel plans...

The sun shone a couple of afternoons ago… so I set me feet to the concrete and started a’wandering.  My visual perusal took me up past the hospital and into the neighbourhoods on the hillside.  New roads, same mud.  The streets are lined with older homes, some falling down, and interspersed were rebuilds.  Many of the rebuilds were three story homes, and I wonder at that.  This is an active earthquake zone and all homes are made of concrete… brings to mind the visions we see on tv of collapsed concrete rubble and death. 

My my, haven’t my thoughts taken a lovely positive note.

Yesterday when the sun also made an appearance in the afternoon, and I again went out for a wander to stretch the old legs again.  All this sitting and siesta’ing the cold rainy days away has left me… well, in couch potatoe condition. 

I have coffee’d and dined, chitted and chatted, KOBO’d and Skyped till my eyes have crossed.  Definitely time for a change of town.

Yesterday was Sunday… which meant another flag raising ceremony.  This particular Sunday morning had me headed to the market with Janet and Carlos, and then back to their house to learn how to cook Causa, a local specialty.

Watching Janet at the market is entertaining.  Her eagle eyes source out her preferred vegetables and fruit from over 100 different venders displaying their colourful harvests.  She also has a favourite vender for mixed sauces and spices, and judging by the crowd of women pushing their way into her stall her mixes must be very good indeed.  Carlos, who has just followed along to carry the purchases looked at the ceiling as he explained that we would be waiting for her for a while. 

Janet is headed into her seventh month of an uneasy pregnancy, and Carlos dotes on her.  No lifting, mandatory siestas, help with the cooking… not quite what I would have expected of a Latin man and his machismo. 

The day played itself out with cooking and watching the kids fly around the yard.  One of yesterdays games was a mosquito hunt.  Around and around they ran, fly swatters in hand… they were very successful, although the profusion of mosquitoes this year pretty much guaranteed then a good hunt.  Kids just don’t need all the bells and whistles we feel compelled to shower them with, their imaginations usually do the trick well indeed.

Replete, I rolled myself home, packed a bit and hit the sack for my siesta. 

Back in my room after my wander I began the sort and pack process in earnest.  As I know I will be back with way I am taking with me just enough to get me by for the next 10 days… I will be very happy to have a bag to schlep that doesn’t kill my back. 

Packing complete, I sat in the courtyard chatting with Eduardo as the sun went down… enjoying the evening breezes.   The power choosing to go out at about 9pm ensured an early bedtime.

This morning I enjoyed a nice breakfast and two, yes, two cups of coffee.  Had a lovely HOT shower.  The last of my dirty clothes have been sent to the Lavandaria and will be back clean before 5 so I can just pop them into my bag.  A stop at the bakery to pick up some treats to leave with my friends here, and I will head to the market in a few minutes just to pick up a few thing to tide me over on the 13 hour bus ride tonight. 

Upon further thought I am actually glad that it will be an overnight bus… No breakfast, lunch and dinner hunger pains or food to carry.  And, likely, no need to use the on board loo.  Visions of me falling off the seat… breaking something… having to call out for help half naked…  no no no.  Better to limit the food and drink intake, sleep the trip away, and hit the bathroom in my hostel when I get there. 

I have met the woman that will take over my English class, and she seems nice.  Has some great ideas so I know they are in good hands.

Tis time to head out to lunch, set in motion the rest of the days plans…  Adios.

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