Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A last swing...

Upset tummy, mosquito bites and swollen ankles. Oh the joys.

While I have not spent my entire last few days confined to the hostal, my outings have been unremarkable. To the corner store for water. To the market for fruit. To the supermarket for bread and yoghurt. Italian restaurante for dinner. Searching for internet cafes and coffee shops.

It has been entirely too wet to go upriver, and with last nights rains a trip today is also ruled out. Knowing my luck if I tried I will probably end up stranded or something.

And I have a plane to catch tomorrow morning, back to my beloved Lima. (ok, so my use of sarcasm sshould be duly noted) Arequipa is next up on the hit list, and after Star Peru made a somewhat unwelcome change to my flights it appears there will be time to take in a museum or something while I wait, unfortunately carving a day off Arequipa time. Climbing the volcano will have to wait for another trip I suppose.

In the mean time I will spend the afternoon strolling the road to the river, tummy gods permitting, and feeding apples to the parrots here at the hostal. That and packing, which should take all of 5 minutes, tops.

Then I will swing in my hammock for as long as I can, before bidding it a fond adios.

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