Friday, 11 March 2011

Worrywarts R Us, Inc.

In general, my experience as a woman travelling alone has been a good one. With one minor exception on the Inca Trail I have not been in a situation that left me feeling in danger.

Enter the "warning crowd". Please be careful. It is too dangerous. Bad things happen. Well, yes I will, yes it could be and yes sometimes they do.

All of a sudden I am second guessing my planned activities and feeling boxed in. Some stupid little switch has been flipped in my brain and now I am uncomfortable wandering out of town by myself. I don't like it one little bit. That and I am bored silly, there is only so much eating, writing and siesta'ing a girl can do.

So, as I recently told one who is particularily worried, tomorrow I am going to walk to Equador and back... by myself. Face your fear and all that.

Other than the above nonsense it has been gloriously sunny for the past couple of days, and when I have been wandering (around town, sigh) it has been lovely. Surely it is for days like this that Canadians head south en mass. Definately sunscreen and sun hats required.

My last class will be monday and then I will start looking for transportation back to Tarapoto, and my hammock. Better wash my mosquito net in preparation.

Come to think of it just stepping off the plane in the tropics is dangerous, what with Malaria, Dengue Fever and Typhoid popping up everywhere. There is a guest in the hostal that just got back from the clinic diagnosed with worms and some kind of infection.

Let's not get started on all the taxis that try to mow me down each time I try and cross the road.

Wandering down a lonely lane solo would seem to be the lesser of all the above evils, no?

Knock on wood for all the above, of course.


We'll see what I can get up to.

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