Friday, 22 January 2010

Circles in Lima

So I spent 2 days wandering in circles in Miraflores, and have since moved on to Barranco and have now spent 2 days wandering in circles here.

Barranco is another Lima subdivision, slightly smaller but alas, no quieter than my previous digs. Actually I lasted about 2 hours at the first hostal I tried here.  I do not exaggerate when I say it would have been no louder sleeping on the sidewalk, which is basically what they offered. On possibly the busiest street here the gate opened and I was shown to what was essentially a beach hut stuck to the back of the gate. Hmmm.... Lonely Planet listed it as "a peaceful family environment, good to spend a few days resting and relaxing".  Sure.  Grain of salt and all that.

I high-tailed it out of there and found a hostal that had a clean room facing away from the street. Ahhh.  Now I can rest.

So the buses are running again, yet I find that I am no longer in a Yoga frame of mind.  I will take another couple of days to ponder my next steps.  Might take in a museum or two while I do.  I have heard reports that some of the roads to the smaller places I want to visit in the north are impassable right now, but there is always the option of heading to the highlands again.  There are a few spectacular places to trek in the Cordillera Blanca.

Will think twice about the altitude though.

There are always spanish classes, and I could volunteer in a small community teaching english too.  So many choices, and yet here I sit, making circles in the Lima suburbs.

Meanwhile I have been to the Canadian Consulate and can report that they have excellent security screening to get in the front door, but THAT IS AS FAR AS YOU CAN GO. PERIOD. FULL STOP.  Wait, they did let me use the potty.  So there you go, I made peepee back on canadian soil yesterday!  Then they basically (and politely) threw me out.  Smiled while they did it too.

I also went the the "indian market", which is pretty much a myriad of small cubicles filled with smaltzy, touristy, mass market trinkets.  I was looking for a back and white alpaca shawl, special order for my mom, however I didn´t find anything that suits.  Will continue the quest tomorrow and try to get it off in the mail before I leave here.

You know, basically when I decide to stop circling and CHOOSE already!

And for those of you worried souls out there, mind is clear again and pain level is good. Another lesson in the value of pacing.

I am off to pick up my laundry and complete my circle back to my sleeping digs.

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