Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The mosquitoes have found me!

I will have you know that my Guide / spanish teachers' name is Ezra. See I remembered. We spent about an hour reviewing some basic vocabulary this morning before heading out on our adventures today.

This began at a chocolate making factory, where I was kindly offered a short tour. The factory was in preparation for the beginning of its production season, which begins in February and runs through November. There were several pieces of equipment being cleaned, and everything looked well cared for. Then took a small gander at their gardens and headed back into town. Mosquitoes are out today, the air is still and we are not "in town".

Wandered through "market 1" and was introduced to Ezras' family, who have a stall there. Then headed off by taxi to the nearby Ahuashiyacu Waterfall. It was pretty, but as far as "trecking goes", think walk in the park, with stairs. 10 minutes up, photos & wet feet. and 10 minutes down. Sightings: birds of all sorts, really cool little yellow frogs, salamandars & mosquitoes.

Ezra and I parted for lunch, (mine was a tofu something, and really not very good), and Cindy (see I remember her name now too) introduced me to another guest who was looking to do some sightseeing. When Ezra returned the three of us sandwiched in to the back of a mototaxi for one really hair raising ride. Try to picture this mototaxi, vrooming its way along snaky, pitted, off kilter, rocky dirt roads. This went on for about 20 minutes, further and further into the woods until we reached a wildlife sanctuary of sorts. Took a mosquito filled, but interesting tour through jungle terrain to view various rescued animals in too small cages. They also had butterflys they raised for both export and release, a couple of boa constrictors and a collection of rain forest frogs, including several poison species. A fairly sad little place. Good thing Vanessa was along, because there is a lot lost in Ezras translations... although he is trying hard.

Went roaring back up what the driver obviously thought was a racetrack, and back to the hotel.

After showering off the road dirt, my new companion and I headed out for a bite to eat before she heads back home to Lima. Yes Lima. I now officially have a contact in the city. Yay.

All in all a busy and fun mosquito filled day.

Spanish notwithstanding.

A la maƱana.

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