Saturday, 30 January 2010

On a quiet day, Photos

Yes, it has been a quiet couple of days, spent mostly studying and reflecting, with a wee bit of planning tucked in.

I did wander into the main square this afternoon, to get water and try and access some photos off my camera. I forgot to pack my uploading cord. I also bought a small sized locally made chocolate bar... with quinoa no less. Sat in the main square in the sunshine and enjoyed every bite.

I stayed only long enough to witness a mother smacking her baby, and I had to leave. Sigh.

Walked up my street towards a beautiful rainbow, and the ominously dark clouds coming in over the mountains. I passed several children practicing their water balloon aim in preparation for Festival. Don't know if you remember from my blog last year, but Festival involves lots of water being tossed. I expect I will get wet.

I also expect I will be scratching for the next few weeks, because the mosquitoes seem to love my feet. Day and night. Little buggers.

Also up in the bothersome category are the teensy weensy ants that crawl over everything searching for food. I am due a stint in some form of repentance for the trail of dead little ants I have left behind me.

I have tried a couple of local peruvian beverages. Inka cola tastes like a cherry soda, is bright yellow and has a slightly banana taste to it. Chicha is most often an alcoholic drink, corn based, made and enjoyed in many Andean areas. True Chicha involves a process of masticating corn to add to the brew. I tried the non alcoholic purple Chicha, which was delicious... although served over ice cubes I knew better than to have. Hence a couple of quiet days. :(

These quiet days spent at or near the hostal have given me a chance to watch the interaction of the family that own and operate it. There is extended family in town (ie Charly) and they are also staying on the premises. I happened upon the lot of them last night having dinner... Table for 30 or so. Made me pine for the days when my dining room table with set for 20 or so.

Though I can´t say I miss the kitchen that had to be cleaned after the lot left.

Anyhow I have hopefully posted a link to some photos you can enjoy. I think if you click on the slide show it will take you to the album. Hope it works.


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