Sunday, 14 February 2010

Bruises not required

I was rather taken aback at the size of the bruise on my hip that decided to come to the surface overnight. I do remember feeling that one when I hit the rocks though, so I guess I shouldn´t be so surprised. On the very plus side, I can once again go up and down stairs without wincing.

This morning was military parade day, which proceeded with much pomp, ceremony and band playing. Many different branches of the military and police, all looking perfect... albeit very warm resplendent in full uniform under the hot mid morning sun.

Today is Sunday, and a holiday, and valentines day... so the streets are particularly empty. No putting my life in jeopardy trying to cross the streets etc. No honking. No roaring of motorbikes. Quite different.

This afternoon was live entertainment at the Hostal in honour of the holiday / valantines day. They were very good, so I spent a good couple of hours swinging to a latin beat in my favorite hammock, enjoying, writing, and searching the dictionary for the occasional spanish word that caught my attention in song.

Then came a late afternoon stroll along the river, (going against the crowd of locals all heading home after spending the day at the river) which turned into a fun hour making my way upriver over the rocks and... not getting my feet wet at all. Of course I was wearing my sandals so it didn´t really matter, just wanted to prove to myself I could.

Down to use a payphone to make a couple of calls, and then on impulse I decided on eating out and ended up eating a lovely meal with an interesting couple of people living in Iquitos, and visiting in Tarapoto for a couple of days. He is a computer software / program developer and she is a drug and rehab counsellor. Both have been in Peru fairly long term and are loving it. Had a great meal and good conversation. Nice.

I made another Peruvian Hairless Dog citing today. Very exciting. Love these dogs.

Really, could this blog get much more mundane? I could bore you with some of my writings, but alas they are in a book in my room. You have dodged a bullet.

I will have to pick myself up and DO something again. Just no more falling. Enough with the black and blue, and yellow and green...


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