Friday, 5 February 2010

Familiar faces in the crowd

I met a very nice woman from Germany this morning and we decided to hike up the local trail along the river to the waterfalls. This is the trail I did solo earlier in the week so I knew more or less where I was going.

Ah the frustrations of having to adjust expectations and plans when someone else is part of the picture. I now know that I am becoming a crotchety old woman. Lots of complaining about the heat, applications of sunscreen etc., (no, not by me). When we got to the first river crossing (and granted it would have involved a bit of balancing) she wanted to turn back. Groan. Much deep breathing and searching for my Zen place. We stopped yet again at the river and I plopped myself in the water, clothes and all (it really was a scorcher today). I was content to just chill there, but the thunder was rolling in and away we went.

Not to sure why I bothered to put my poncho on during this deluge because I was already wet clear through. Mostly to keep the locals from thinking I am a raving lunatic of a gringa. And there walked my companion, hurrying up the muddy road carrying her little umbrella. Cute really. I love a good drenching once and a while and would have been content to dawdle. The rain continued through most of the journey back to the hostal, where I arrived in all my drowned rat glory.

I think perhaps it is time I joined a group trek to get my head in gear... I can´t always have it my way. I think I was supposed to have learned this as a child or something. But then again I have no memory so who can blame me?

On a completely different note, I believe I have just about perfected the art of crossing the streets here. It is all in the timing of the first step... too early and you are going to get mowed down, but wait to long and the minuscule chance to cross safely has passed. Yay me.

And on yet another completely different not, you know you have been in the same place for a while when you start to run into people you know on the street. As this happened to me 3 times today it may just be time to move on. Not at least until Monday though, because I have an invitation to join a family gathering at the river on Sunday. See? I am practically tribe, so to speak.

Such a wonderfully comfortable place.

Ants and spiders excepted.


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